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    3. R & D, production and marketing of dye intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates and textile auxiliaries..                             +86-635-7887877    +86-13903309071

      About Us

      Liaocheng Kairui Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Guyun Economic Development Zone in Shen County in Shandong Province, where is close to Zhongyuan Oilfield Third Oil Production Factory in the north, Putai first class highway and Pufan expressway in the south, 20km from the Deshang expressway under planning and construction in the east, and near 106 national road in the west. The geographical location is superior with convenient transportation.

      The company is engaged in the R & D, production and marketing of dye intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates and textile auxiliaries and is equipped with complete and scientific quality management system and advanced detecting instruments and facilities. Main products include: 2,3-dibromopropionyl chloride, 2.3-dibromopropanol, 2,3-dibromoproanoic acid, ammonium chloride, (chloromethyl) dimethylchlorosilane, (chloromethyl)-methyl-dichlorosilane, chloromethyltrichlorosilane, etc. The products are exported to Europe, Korea, India, the United State, Japan and other a dozen of countries and regions. Our products have high credibility and competitiveness in domestic and international markets and won the praise and trust of customers.

      Our company takes "unity, integrity, hard work and endeavor" as corporate spirit and "sincere service and quality first" as corporate tenet. Welcome all friends to visit Kairui Chemical to guide and negotiate.